How to Make Performance Measurement FUN Are You Ready for Change? Show Me the Money
May/June 2003 Unleashing Creativity and Innovation Assess Your Organization's Readiness to Execute Strategy
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Our mission is to provide information and strategies to business owners and managers for improvement in the effectiveness of its business management so that key objectives can be realized.

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Maybe Cuba Gooding, Jr. said it best, but it’s the performance and profitability professionals that are making good on this familiar statement. Business owners today are smart – and sometimes cautious – about working with outside consultants. Many demand to see a return on investment scenario prior to signing an agreement.

With the new tools available to performance measurement professionals, owners can immediately see how simple changes in strategic areas of their business can dramatically impact their bottom line. In short, these tools can show you the money.

Accelerating revenue growth through performance measures continues to be one of the fastest-growing consulting niches. Qualified professionals equip themselves with state-of-the art tools that work well for analysis and modeling, and offer business owners an easy-to-understand interface for viewing financial data.

On the cutting edge, this technology presents owners a real-time financial overview of his or her business as well as specific information about critical business drivers. Performance measurement professionals can help with “what-if” scenarios that will work to increase profitability. What if I increase sales by X percent? What would happen if I cut my inventory? How would cash flow be impacted if I resolve an accounts receivable lag?

Systematically, these professionals can break complex financial statement data into easy-to-understand performance measures. Financial information immediately becomes real and tied to day-to-day activities – and outcomes. Suddenly, owners know exactly what they must address to achieve their desired company goals.

The opposite is also true.

Company owners that have immediate objectives, including a certain cash flow threshold or an increase in profits, can look to these well-equipped professionals to provide the areas of business to target to meet desired outcomes.

Goal setting starts with describing exactly what you want to achieve and by when. New software efficiencies available to us combined with our knowledge of performance measures can help you plan and set goals, knowing you can achieve them if you stay on course. Let’s get started. Give us a call today!