Nov/Dec 2005  


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Giving Everybody What They Want
By: Michael Gerber, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Revolutionary

Oh joy, oh joy, oh joy. Win-win. Permanently lasting relationships. Living in a perfect world. Heaven on earth. Does it get any better than this? Blah, blah, blah!

Are you getting my drift?

Do you hear the sarcasm in my written voice?

Do you sense a bit of frustration, embedded in my body, freeze-dried in my rapidly aging brain? Well, if you do, you're right.

Client Fulfillment is, and always has been, a significantly depressing subject for me. For the past 26 years here at E-Myth, we have focused tons of energy on figuring this one out. We have done our best to create the perfect turn-key solution to fulfilling everyone's desires. We have made every effort to help, support, coach, consult, train, and mentor owners and managers of countless small, mid-sized, and large businesses, to achieve stunning improvement in their businesses and lives. But, we have discovered that no matter how good we are (and we are good!), no matter how resourceful we are (and we are resourceful!), no matter how committed we are (and we are committed!), with all of that and more, we still have not figured out how to give everyone exactly what they want...and it's driving me crazy!

So, what words of wisdom can I provide you with, dear reader, if I, in all my glory, have not figured out how to satisfy everyone?

Well, I can offer you this:

Satisfy only those customers/clients who are determined to be satisfied. Make your commitment and then stick to it, come hell or high water.

Satisfy yourself that you're absolutely committed to satisfying these clients. And, if you're not, quit. It's a tough game, and not everyone is up to it.

Satisfy your employees that they are in a game really worth playing, and that, for them to truly receive value from your relationship, they better play it, "whole hog plus the postage," for nothing less will do.

And finally, have a drink--at least once a day--of good red or white wine. Unless you're allergic or an alcoholic.
Here's to you, and to the search for something better. What else, after all, is there for people like us? (If you have an answer to that question, let me know what it is, and I'll do that instead.) Until then, here's to life!