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Free Assessment

Can CFO Plus help improve your business? Find out with a free assessment of your financial management needs.

Step 1: Fill out and submit this quick questionnaire. You'll get an e-mail to let you know we got it.

Step 2: We'll call you to arrange a convenient time and place to meet.

Step 3: At our meeting, we'll review the information from the questionnaire you submitted. We may need to ask a few more questions to gain a more complete view of your business and how it operates. The meeting should last about an hour.

Step 4: Once we have all the critical information, we will give you our confidential written assessment. The assessment will generally contain three elements:

  1. We will comment on areas of the business that appear to be well managed and controlled.
  2. We will identify those areas of your business that may need more attention, as well as areas of possible concern.
  3. We will suggest actions you can take to improve the process you use to manage and control your business.

Sound good? Great!

Start here.

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