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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly does CFO Plus do?

    We provide two primary types of service:

    1. Financial management expertise on an as-needed basis
    2. An ongoing program (CFO As You Grow) which develops and monitors key performance indicators for your business.

    The first is a cost-effective means of gaining the benefit of an experienced Chief Financial Officer. The second is a longer-term approach to helping business owners like yourself to manage and grow their company more effectively.

  • Can I afford CFO Plus services?

    The short answer is yes. We tailor our service plans to meet your budget, and we think you'll find CFO Plus adds significant value to your business (so, it's almost like we're free). You can also read a more formal description of how we set fees.

  • What will CFO Plus do for my business?

    Take a look at this case study of performance measurement consulting for a true-to-life look at how a business can be transformed by working with CFO Plus.

    Our service plans are another way of looking at what we do for you.

  • What is the CFO As You Grow Program?

    The short answer is "a dashboard for your business", i.e. a set of Key Performance Indicators developed expressly for your business. The complete answer is in the CFO As You Grow brochure which you can download for free.

  • What benefits can I expect from your free assessment?

    We're experienced financial professionals, and during the assessment you receive our complete attention focused on just one thing -- your business -- for about an hour. Regardless of where your business stands today, you're sure to gain from our review.

    Try the free assessment for yourself, and see if you don't agree.

  • OK, then - how can you afford to give assessments for free?

    Quite honestly, we think first-hand experience with our professionals will convince most of the people who try our free assessment to work with us on a continuing basis. It's an excellent opportunity to get to know each other, but more importantly, it shows you what senior financial perspective can bring to your business.

  • I'm located in Peoria, IL. Can you still help me?

    We are presently based in Northern and Southern California. We think we offer an important service, but obviously, on-site work in Peoria costs more to provide. Give us a call (1-415-289-5050) and let's see what we can work out.

  • How long does it take to see results?

    It depends on the sort of problems we're helping you to address. For example, our CFO As You Grow program typically requires a year-long commitment. Once we have key performance indicators established for your business, you'll be able to see results on a monthly basis.

  • I'm sold. What now?

    Give us a call at 1-415-289-5050 and let's get started!

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    Ask it here:

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