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Concentrated Efforts Enhance Profits for
Public Relations Firm

The Challenge

The owner of a successful public relations firm was concerned that she was so busy working in the business, she could not take her business to the next step. In the past, she had not taken the time to determine where she could enhance profitability or measure the value of each client.  To invest in the future of her firm, this business owner chose to join a Business Performance Roundtable, where  a Business Performance Advantage specialist would teach her and other business owners how to utilize performance measurement to improve their businesses.

“When you are a sole proprietor, it is difficult to think about the future of the business because you are so busy with the day-to-day work for the services you provide.  I couldn’t go farther, but I knew that there was potential for growth,” the public relations firm owner says.

The Results

After one year and 12 monthly sessions of working with the business performance  team, this firm enjoyed a 25 percent increase in their gross revenue and, more importantly, a 40 percent increase in profits.

The Performance Measurement Solution

The business owner joined the Business Performance Roundtable with the goal of identifying areas where she and her team could – and should – concentrate their efforts to enhance profits.  The fact that the Business Performance Roundtable was offered by the firm’s CPA firm, whose professionals know the public relation firm’s financial situation, added a powerful dimension to the process. The program offered a structured curriculum designed to help each participant pinpoint facets of their company’s operations that inhibited growth.  The group also gained the benefit of “hands-on” support from other business owners and the business performance team of consultants as they progressed through the sessions.

“One of the benefits of a Roundtable situation is that many of the participants experience similar problems and can offer ideas of what has worked for them in the past and what has not,” states the lead business performance specialist.  “When we discuss and apply the performance measurement process within the group, they are able to not only monitor their business changes but also see the progress made in other businesses as well.  The synergy of the Roundtable team that the public relations owner participated in was so dynamic that the members also shared referrals and began to do business with each other as well.”

During the 12-month program, the group moved through individual business investigations, developed a Mission and prepared a detailed Vision of where they would like to take the business in the future.  Next, they tracked their relationships with their customers to find opportunities to increase return business and improve the retention of these customers.  At this stage, each business owner identified interactions that are key to the success of their relationships with their customers and uncovered problem areas where they were losing business.

Throughout the year, participants studied Roundtable topics, which ranged from Optimizing Human Assets, Financial Literacy and Streamlining Operations to Targeting Marketing Efforts.  With each step along the way, each participant searched for activities that would allow them to measure the results of their efforts.  These performance measures were compiled in a Flash Report that helped the business owners stay abreast of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) of their success.

“I was able to focus on my business and utilize tools that were provided to help us streamline and refine our operations, thus making us more profitable. Through this process, our employees gained a clearly-defined picture of what is expected of them, and as a result, we have more productive employees,” said the public relations business owner.  “I highly recommend the Business Performance Roundtable to any business owner that is looking to improve their bottom line, grow their company and be successful.” 

In addition to meeting this client’s accounting needs, the relationship continues with ongoing executive coaching and strategic planning and implementation.  The business performance specialist concludes, “We are partners in the success of our clients’ businesses and when they succeed we both win.”