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Case Study - Understanding Customer Interaction

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Once the Action Plan was completed, Medi-Bill and CFO Plus moved from the Planning Stage and began to identify specific key measurements for the business. The most crucial activity at this stage is capturing what we refer to as the Cycle of Customer Interaction (CCI).

In simple terms, the CCI process maps the flow of a customer transaction from start to finish throughout the entire business.

Think about it. The points of customer interaction are often home for many measurement standards that have a direct impact on revenue generation. These measurements can and will often lead to increased revenues, increased close rate, increased average sale, or increased customer satisfaction.

CFO Plus has found that there is often disagreement among the owners and key personnel about the actual timing and flow of activities, as well as the expectations (i.e. performance standards) associated with each customer contact point. So, one of our primary responsibilities is to act as facilitators for the owners and key personnel.

Generally, this opens up a powerful discussion about the need for better documented systems and training to ensure that all employees are performing their jobs according to set standards.

If there are no clear standards established for each point of contact with a customer, this must be done. In the case of the Rickenbachers, many of the contact points had no established standard. It took them several weeks to develop performance standards, working with every department and team member.

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Once we've mapped out the customer points of contact and set standards for each of these points, there is a logical impact on the operational side of the business that needs to be considered in the measurement setting process.

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