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Case Study - Choosing Measurements

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After the CCI is completed, the next step in the process is to associate specific measurements with each point of customer contact or interaction. It is important to point out here while going through the process of developing specific measurements is that: What can be measured, can be managed. What can be managed can be leveraged. And That which get measured, gets done. That which get measured and rewarded, get done again.

Measures Based on the Cycle of Customer Interaction

Points of Customer Contact:

  1. Repeat, Referral, Sales Calls - Advertising
        # of referrals, from whom, value of referral
        # of sales calls per week - % first time appts.
        # inquiries from advertising per week

  2. Client Needs Assessment
        Average time for sales call
        Average Value of each proposal
        Key issues ranking

  3. Present Proposal
        Proposal turn around time
        Conversion rate
        Reasons for Refusal
        Post Refusal conversion rate

  4. Account - work flow consultation
        Average time spent with client staff orientation
        Average # of statements per month
        # of Insurance carriers involved
        Average time from consultation to pick-up initial work papers

  5. Work Papers picked up
        % On-time pick up rate

  6. Review Work Papers - gather addl. info.
        # of changes made to original documents
        % of complete billings
        # of contacts with client to finalize work papers/ batch

  7. Process billing with Insurance companies
        % of billing processed within 72 hours of pick-up
        # of statements processed per staff
        Average time spent processing a statement per client and per staff member

  8. Send Summary Billing Report to client - Track Billings
        % of billings accepted without change
        % of billings rejected broken down per reason
        Average turnaround on billings per insurance company

  9. Collections
        Time from billing acceptance to receipt of payments
        A/R days on billings not covered by insurance - paid by patient

  10. Distribute Payments to clients
        Payment turnaround time

  11. Quarterly Quality Review - Nurturing Calls
        Quality Rating - customer satisfaction

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