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Case Study - A Dashboard for Medi-Bill

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The final leg of the process is constructing the Business Dashboard or Flash Management Reports. These are the reports that will guide your direction toward achieving the primary Company goal. The Business Dashboard will help you see (and gives you time to react) to issues before they become problems.

CFO Plus works closely with the owners and department heads to develop the detail for the business dashboard, and to interpret results on a monthly and quarterly basis.



Last Period

% +/-




Cash in Bank

# of statements processed total and by staff member/hour




# of sales calls made

# of proposals presented

# of new accounts acquired

% of work papers complete upon receipt

% 72 hour work paper to billing cycle

Billing Error rate with breakdown

Insurance payment turn around time

Payment to client turn around time




Gross Margin per account

Gross Sales to Labor ratio

Gross and Net Profit Margin

Adherence to Performance Standards

Accounts Receivable Days

% of Owner Involvement breakdown

New Manager Effectiveness


Quarterly to 6 mos.


Quality - Customer Satisfaction

Customer Hassle Factor Eliminate D clients

Employee Morale

Employee Retention

Employee/Mgmt. Training effectiveness


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