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Recurring Services

Some services provided by CFO Plus are needed on a regular basis, such as annual budgeting and quarterly forecasting. Here's a list of tasks which tend to require ongoing attention.

  1. Decision Making
    • Contribute professional financial perspectives on the decision making process.
    • Provide a sounding board for existing or new business strategies or plans.
    • Provide a methodology to improve the quality of management information and the accompanying tools for making better decisions.
  2. Strategic and Financial Planning
    • Review and advise on: business operating plans; operating budgets, financial forecast & projections; sales and marketing plans; new lines of business; cash flow projections; cash management systems; management information systems.
  3. Capital Resource Planning
    • Review and advise on existing capital structure and needs.
    • Review and/or establish appropriate banking relationships.
    • Coordinate and assist in securing equity capital or joint venture funding.
    • Coordinate capital transactions: gather information, make presentations, review commitments, coordinate closing with legal and accounting requirements.
  4. Risk Management
    • Review, assess and advise on the company's overall risk management policy, issues or exposures and coverage options.
  5. Compensation and Benefit Plans
    • Review and advise on the company's current compensation and benefits policy and plans.
  6. Coordinate the Selection and Cost Effective Use of:
    • Accountants
    • Tax Specialists
    • Investment Bankers
    • Commercial Bankers
    • Outside Consultants
  7. Investor Relations
    • Provide guidance on investor issues and investor relations strategy.
  8. Contracts, Licenses, Leases, Affiliation or Joint Venture Agreements
    • Review and advise on the business, financial and strategic issues and implications.

CFO Plus can also help you tackle specific projects that improve the performance of your business.

The important thing to remember is: you can have the benefit of an experienced Chief Financial Officer in all of these areas, without having to hire someone. That's the CFO Plus!


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