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Project-based Services

Some business events only happen once in a while. But when they do, it's money in the bank to have the skills of a seasoned Chief Financial Officer on your side. CFO Plus helps ensure the best possible financial outcome without the costly overhead of a full-time CFO.

Here are areas where our expertise can work for you:

  1. Strategic and Financial Planning
    • Prepare business operating plans.
    • Prepare operating budgets, financial forecast & projections (operations, cash flow & balance sheet).
    • Prepare sales and marketing plans.
    • Prepare financial model for existing or new lines of business.
    • Establish cash management systems.
  2. Special Projects or Tasks
    • Acquisition/new business line review and analysis including bank or equity financing.
    • Analysis for the sale of a business line.
    • Negotiations with creditors or a plan for reorganization.
  3. Compensation and Benefit Plans
    • Establish compensation and benefits policy and plans.
    • Establish incentive compensation based on key performance indicators.
  4. Prepare and Position a Business for Sale, Merger or IPO
    • Guidance on positioning the business.
    • Help prepare business due diligence.
    • Work with outside accountants, investment bankers and legal counsel.

You may also want to take a look at recurring needs that CFO Plus can help you address, as well as our CFO As You Grow Program.


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